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Welcome to the Farrer group

The Farrer group works in the inter-disciplinary research field of Metals in Medicine. We are interested in developing new, metal-based anti-cancer complexes, and in using physical methods of prodrug delivery to controllably activate and to deliver drugs more accurately.

We have a particular interest in delivery to the brain, and in diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (a type of children's brain cancer). We talk to, and work with other researchers and doctors in many academic, industrial and clinical settings.

Our labs are on the second floor of the Chemical Research Laboratory (CRL) building in Oxford.

Please note that due to the high volume of emails received, we do not respond to obvious circular emails. When emailing Nicky, please include your CV and a cover letter outlining your scientific training/career to date and detailing your specific interest in our research.

Follow us on Twitter at: @Farrer_group

Recent news:

March 2021 - Our latest paper is out in EJIC! We've been further investigating the effect of reaction conditions and solvent on the stability and rearrangement of platinum(IV) triazole complexes. Available here:

Nov 2020 - we're working at 50% capacity in the labs now, based on a rota system.

Oct 2020 - Welcome to Shitong Huang, our new DPhil student who will be working on synthesis of multi-modal platinum (IV) anti-cancer complexes for treatment of DIPG. Also a warm welcome to Albany Summers and Hannah Curwen who will be undertaking their masters projects (Part II) in our group.

Oct 2020 - We have been awarded a £5,000 grant from Children with Cancer to work with Prof. Steve Evans (Dept. of Physics, Leeds) on liposomal crosslinking strategies for drug delivery for DIPG.

Summer 2020 - congratulations to Emma and Ameena for completing their projects in the group

Oct 2019 - Welcome to the new Part II students, Ameena and Emma, and new DPhil students Marie and Clara!

July 2019 - welcome to Jamie Edgerton, our summer student from Cambridge.

June 2019 - congratuations to Jack and Alice for handing in their Part II theses!

March 2019 - Welcome to Dr. Alison Howarth, joining us as a postdoc following her PhD at the Brain Tumour Resarch Centre in Portsmouth.

Feb 2019 - Welcome to Marie Boulet, who joins us on a Masters placement from the University of Strasbourg.

January 2019 - Welcome to Zivile - our SCG-funded postdoc who will be synthesising novel Pt(IV) anti-cancer prodrugs

December 2018 - Congratulations to Louise for passing her viva!

September 2018 - Welcome to two new Part II students Alice and Jack, and a new DPhil student Laura.

July 2018- Well done Nia and Sam!

Nia and Sam have both successfully completed their Part II projects in the group  - best of luck to both of them for their next ventures!

June 2018 - Summer students Justin Hayden and Charlotte Greenhalgh start their 6-week summer projects

25th May 2018 - L'Oreal UNESCO Women in Science Fellowship

Nicky has been awarded a Fellowship worth £15,000 to spend on developing new drugs for treatment of DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). She was interviewed by BBC Radio Oxford, and a short article also appeared in the Oxford Mail on 26th May.

Find out more out DIPG here.

May 2018 - we have joined the Children's Brain Tumour Drug Delivery Consortium. Following a productive meeting in London we're looking forward to establishing new collaborations in order to develop new treatments and delivery methods for paediatric brain tumours.

Feb 2018 - Our latest publication "Platinum(IV) azido complexes undergo copper-free click reactions with alkynes" published in Dalton Transactions as an open-access Advance Article can be found here. This work is the first example of a click reaction with a platinum (IV) azide.

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